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Quartz crystal unit (quartz crystal unit or quartz crystal resonator), often identified as Xtal, is the clock signal generator that drives the CPU. Referred to as crystal or crystal, it is a passive electronic component that uses the inverse piezoelectric effect of quartz crystal (also known as crystal) to produce high-precision clock signal output. The component is mainly composed of a quartz wafer, a pedestal, a casing, a conductive paste, a silver/gold material, and the like. According to the lead condition, it can be divided into two types: in-line (with lead) and surface mount (without lead).
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Package Size:6.9*7.8*2.2mm/6.9*6.0*2.2;Frequency:6MHz~200MHz;CL:6~50 & ∞;Frequency stability:±5ppm~±50ppm;working temperature:-55℃~+175℃;
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