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The VCO is a voltage controlled oscillator and is an important part of the RF circuit. The RF circuit mostly uses modulation and demodulation, so it relies heavily on the local oscillator frequency. Modern communication technology requires new technologies such as multiplexing and frequency hopping. The use of voltage to control the capacitance of the capacitor in the oscillating circuit and thus the resonant frequency of the oscillating circuit has become one of the means to realize these technologies.
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Pic. Series Product introduction Datasheet
DMPVCX2000Q60R Package Size:12.7×12.7×5.0;Frequency:1450 MHz ~ 2550 MHz ;
DMPVCX2550Q50R Package Size:12.7×12.7×5.0;Frequency:2400 MHz ~ 2700 MHz ;
DMPVCX2875Q50R Package Size:12.7×12.7×5.0;Frequency:2850 MHz ~ 2900 MHz ;
DMPVCX3120Q50R Package Size:12.7×12.7×5.0;Frequency:3010 MHz ~ 3230 MHz ;
DMPVCX748S6R Package Size:8.0×6.0×1.9;Frequency:741 MHz ~ 755 MHz ;
DMPVCX837S00R Package Size:8.0×6.0×1.9;Frequency:824.5 MHz ~ 849.5 MHz;
DMPVCX1586S50R Package Size:8.0×6.0×1.9;Frequency:1548 MHz ~ 1623 MHz ;
DMPVCX1782S30R Package Size:8.0×6.0×1.9;Frequency:1712 MHz ~ 1852 MHz ;
DMPVCX2074S6R Package Size:8.0×6.0×1.9;Frequency:2023 MHz ~ 2125 MHz;
DMPVCX3360S30R Package Size:8.0×6.0×1.9;Frequency:3267 MHz ~ 3453 MHz;
All of 29 Results